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Image by Aaron Burden


Here you will find weekly Sunday Sermons. Please take a moment to also subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Photo & Video Disclaimer

Worship Services and other events taking place on the property of Reconciling the World Ministries (the “Church”) often involve photography, as well as audio and video recordings.  The recordings may contain your voice and/or likeness.  By attending these services and events on property, you are consenting to the photography, recording, distribution, and any other use of the materials not prohibited by law and waiving any and all rights you may have related to the same.  You agree that these materials are the property of the Church and may be used by the Church or its agents for further distribution or marketing on its website, streamed to persons off-site, in printed materials, and in such other manner as the Church may determine.  You are releasing the Church and its leadership, staff, or agents from any and all liability that may arise from the use of these materials, including but not limited to damages caused by the unauthorized use of these materials by third-parties.  This consent, waiver, and release is to be construed under North Carolina Law and extends to any individual under your care, custody, guardianship, or agency.  While no assurance can be given, persons preferring not to be recorded are advised to speak with staff who can often direct them to locations where being recorded is less likely.

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