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Meet David and Jena Shipman


In 1995, God inspired David Shipman to move from Greensboro to Charlotte.

David’s first reaction was, “Why Charlotte?” Things were going great in Greensboro;

it was a perfect set up, so he thought. However, God had a different plan.

Following God’s orders, David moved to Charlotte. He then acquired a job within

the financial industry. During this transition, David met and married his lovely

wife Jena.


Together, they realized there was a greater destiny after David was afforded the opportunity to teach a weekly bible study at his workplace. What started out as a small bible study grew to be quite large in a matter of months! Then, after 3 ½ years of teaching, God spoke that it was time to move into his pastoral calling. David finally understood God’s plan for relocating him to Charlotte.

The doors of the church opened in September 2002, and the church has grown tremendously. David and Jena are very enthusiastic about pursuing the responsibilities that God has set before them. Coupled with their unwavering faith, they are determined to reconcile the world to Christ!


David and Jena take their roles as parents very seriously, believing that their son Kean is a phenomenal blessing from God.

When not involved in ministry, David and Jena enjoy a variety of social activities, whether watching or playing sports, traveling or cherishing every moment spent with their son Kean as he carves out his collegiate  path. They embrace a well rounded life.

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